The Belly Band


  • Supports any dog, reduces fatigue and dangerous slip/fall injuries
  • Comfortable belly friendly design
  • Tub To Table to Crate use
  • Repels hair and easy to disinfect


  • Short Band: Large Breeds
  • Long Band: Small, Medium & Giant Breeds
  • Black & Blue: Waterproof & Quick Dry
  • Hot Pink & Purple: Dry Use Only

Use The Belly Band to keep all dogs supported, secure, and safe on the grooming table, in the bathing tub, or on slippery floors. The original and versatile rear support with a comfortable belly friendly design reduces dog and groomer fatigue while helping to eliminate avoidable and dangerous slip and fall injuries to pets. Instantly create safer handling experiences with The Belly Band! Can also be used as a helpful hind quarters lifting accessory for elderly/disabled pets outside of the salon. Repels hair and can be disinfected between uses.

Brought to you by Grooming Safety by Jessica, featuring products designed by a groomer that help to create a safer grooming environment and promote safer handling practices resulting in a more positive experience for stylists, pets, and their people!

Not sure what size Belly Band you need? Professional All Breed Groomers and Handlers are best served with one Belly Band of each size to meet any situation with a safer handling option!

Use with overhead grooming arm or dual grooming arms for head and hind quarters

Never use alone, always use with a neck loop/lead.

This product meets or exceeds PPGSA standards    

MADE IN THE USA.    Refunds and Returns Policy


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