The Tool Saver/Scissors


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  • Promotes better tool habits
  • Easy to install
  • Fits any scissors you have
  • No glue or permanent installation

Protect your valuable scissors and clippers with The Tool Saver and ‘Stop the damage every time you drop!’ Designed to save your tools from damage caused by dog kicks, and accidental hand slips, causing your tools to drop to the floor sometimes resulting in unrepairable damage. Tethers tools to your wrist so if you ever lose grip you won’t lose your tool! The Tool Saver for Clippers or Scissors easily installs onto any pair of clippers or scissors. Can be removed and reinstalled onto multiple pieces of equipment and will last for years. 

Brought to you by Grooming Safety by Jessica, featuring products designed by a groomer that help to create a safer grooming environment and promote safer handling practices resulting in a more positive experience for stylists, pets, and their people!

This product meets or exceeds PPGSA standards    

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