Pet Groomer Check List

  • Know and Implement the PPGSA Standards of Care & Safety

  • Become an AKC S.A.F.E Salon

  • Get Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR

  • Have Written Shop Policies for Safety and Emergencies

  • Join Your Local or State Pet Groomer Association

  • Know and Implement Your State and OSHA Regulations

  • Get Educated and Stay Educated at Industry Trade Shows & Schools

Watch this video to learn more about the PPGSA and the new Salon Safety Standards in the pet grooming industry…’Common Sense on Paper’

Download your copy of the PPGSA Standards of Care document right here Click Here

…or go to

Did you know that it is suggested that every grooming salon have at least one staff member present at all times familiar with Pet First Aid and CPR? Get Pet First Aid Certified and be a the forefront of the Pet Grooming Safety and Handling movement!

Find a Hands On Pet First Aid and CPR Certification at Pet Tech

Find Hands On Groomer Specific Pet First Aid and CPR Certification at a Trade Show

There is strength in numbers! Join your state or local Pet Groomer Association. Don’t know who that is? Ask the National Alliance of Grooming Association

Groomers Take Constant Detailed Notes on Pet Health and Behavior History to Ensure the Safety of the Pets in our Care! Groomers…. here our some great resources for Pet Health, History and Liability Release Cards at the Barkleigh Store

2015 was a revolutionary year for the Pet Grooming Industry as very specific tools became available for safe and conscientious groomers everywhere to voluntarily promote their safety and professional standards as individual groomers and salons. Become and AKC S.A.F.E. salon today!